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Comparing CBD Oil Dosage

In a previous blog post, "Will CBD Work For Me?," we discussed how hard it can be to decide if CBD oil will work for you. One factor that was only briefly discussed was the proper dosage. 

We’ve seen CBD work for some and not others. We’ve also seen it make the condition worse and everything in between. One thing that alters how it can affect someone can be the dosage. Not only that, but the dosage plays a key role in comparing different products to find your perfect fit.

Here’s an example:

You can use a ½ dropper of two different tinctures: 500mg CBD oil in a 1-ounce (or 30 ml) bottle OR 1500mg CBD oil in a 1-ounce (or 30 ml) bottle.

The first one (the 500mg bottle) would contain approximately 17mg per ml. The second one (the 1500mg bottle) would contain approximately 50mg per ml.

These numbers become essential to finding the perfect dose and maximizing their effectiveness. Some people will find a smaller dose is all they need while others will find that a larger dose is essential for their preferences. 

When trying CBD oil, starting small is a great way to maximize the positive effects and minimize the risk for negative effects. You can always adjust depending on your body’s reaction and your needs.

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