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Why Can’t I Just Buy Hemp Extract Online?

You’ll find many companies selling products on Amazon that are marketed and packaged like CBD products. What you won’t see is marketing involving the words “CBD” or cannabidiol.” Instead, you’ll find ingredient listings that include “500mg hemp extract” or something like this.

While these products can contain CBD, and may be effective as well, it can be very deceptive. The reason you don’t see these words mentioned is because of the policies of well-known websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. Per their policy requirements, labels must be created without mentioning CBD. 

The label itself is a minor issue, but it prevents you, the customer, from being able to make educated opinions on comparing products or deciding the perfect product for your needs as you’re unaware of how much actual CBD content is in the product. If you remember from our dosage guide, this is crucial information to maximizing the positive effects and minimizing the risk for negative effects.

We could take this route and it would allow us to advertise more, accept other forms of payments, and even potentially pay less for things like insurance. But we want to provide you, our valued customers, with the most accurate information we can so that we can help you make informed decisions on what CBD product is best for you.

So, while you could purchase these similar products online and may even find them to be effective, Lakewood Botanicals provides you with the information you deserve to know and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with our money back guarantee.

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