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Why choose Lakewood Botanicals?

Since Lakewood Botanicals was established, in 2019, our goal has been to connect with all of our customers by focusing on personalized experiences. 

We celebrate humans as individuals and wish to help everyone in a way that is unique to them and their needs. Our hope is to provide an enjoyable experience that offers you relief at an affordable price.

While our relatively new industry is still digging into the scientific data, we’ve found it’s best to learn through our connections with our customers. Whether we’re helping you find the perfect dose or helping you decide where to start to find relief, we’re committed to creating products that take our customers' unique needs and preferences into account.

Our current offerings include:

  •     Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures
  •     THC Free CBD Tinctures
  •     Pain Balms
  •     Face Serum
  •     Lip Balms
  •     Pet Tinctures

We value your feedback whether it’s on your experience with a product or suggestions for future offerings. Your feedback allows us to give others valuable insight to our products and it also helps us improve our products and service!

And while we hope to be able to help everyone, we know that sometimes CBD products just aren’t the right fit. If you find that Lakewood Botanicals products provide the desired effect, see our money back guarantee.

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