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Hi, hope you are having a happy day!

         Lakewood Botanicals LLC was formed to create natural, organic plant based products intended to help with pain reduction, mental conditions, and overall well being. Our first offerings will be CBD hemp based but we will continue to add non-hemp products that are wild or organic as well.
       Lakewood Botanicals manufactures organic CBD oil, tincture, cosmetics, pain relief products, and smokeable CBD hemp. We are truly passionate about finding natural ways to help people with their afflictions and look forward to talking with you.

    We have gotten such good feedback so far on the products currently available that I want to offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. It is possible that our Hemp products may not work for everyone... If you use a Lakewood Botanicals product as recommended and you are not having positive results I will gladly refund your money. I feel it would be a shame to pay for a product that does not work for you.
     Lakewood Botanicals retail store is just an infant so thank you for bearing with us as we update the store and expand our product lines. There is never any pressure to buy anything, stop in just for some free tea. I am continually working to evolve the store and cater to you in any way I can.

     As the owner of Lakewood Botanicals, I am passionate about what I do and am happy to find anyone wanting to discuss health, lifestyle, self improvement, hemp, CBD, plants, gardening, entrepreneurship, etc and I'm truly interested in hearing about your passions. 

Thank you for reading this far,

Eric Linssen