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What is Hemp?
Any words here are only a tiny portion of "what hemp is"...
    Hemp and marijuana are essentially the same plant and are members of the cannabis family.  They are mutually exclusive, in that, they are either one or the other (HEMP IS NOT SLANG FOR MARIJUANA!).  The point that divides them has been chosen by authoritative figures and is based on the content of THC, which is the psychoactive portion of the plant and causes a "high".  A plant that has a concentration of 0.3% THC or below is considered hemp, anything above that is referred to as marijuana. Generally, the plants look and smell the same, therefore laboratory testing is the only way to tell the two plants apart.
   Hemp is farmed in 3 different ways which will determine what the final crop can be used for. Hemp can be grown for fiber, grain, or CBD. Hemp grown for Grain is used to produce seed, which can be used for food or to make hemp seed oil which can be eaten or used for anything that petroleum is used for. 
   Hemp grown for Fiber is used to generate fibrous material which can be used to make, paper, clothing, rope, etc. Fiber and grain crops are usually grown in massive fields and mechanically planted, harvested, and processed.
   Hemp grown for CBD, which is the type grown by Lakewood Botanicals, is grown specifically for plant oils that contain high amounts of CBD compared to the other 2 types of hemp. This is the most labor intensive of the three and requires care of each plant throughout the growing season.
What is Full Spectrum?
Full Spectrum means that nothing has been removed from our product with further processing.  The main benefit of full spectrum hemp is that you can maximize cannabinoid and nutritional value from the plant.  
  THC is the most common element removed from Hemp products.  Generally, anyone with a zero tolerance drug policy would consider this option, as THC is the psychoactive element in cannabis that gives the high.
      Although our products contain THC, they are below the 0.3% legal limit and do not have the affect of making you high.

What is MCT oil?
MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Sounds scary, right?  No need for alarm, MCT is present in our diet in small quantities already.  Lakewood Botanicals' MCT oil is naturally sourced from 100% organic coconuts.  MCT oil is easily digestible and is metabolized quickly by the body, this makes it an excellent choice as a carrier oil for CBD products.